How to search by latitude and longitude on Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to search by specifying co-ordinates in latitude and longitude, however I was unable to find details in their online help.

After some experimenting I’ve come up with the following formats which are accepted.

The degree (°), minute () and second () symbols may be omitted as long as the format is followed. There should a space between each unit and a comma separating the latitude and longitude fields. On a Windows PC, the degrees symbol may be found by holding the ALT key and entering 248 on the numeric keypad. On a Mac running OSX it is OPTION-SHIFT-8

° – degrees (ALT-248)
– minutes (single quote)
– seconds (double quotes)

Once you enter your co-ordinates, Google Maps will display the converted values in the sidebar and on the map after the search.

Degrees Minutes and Seconds

+39° 54′ 00.00″, -84° 13′ 0.00″ 
+39 54 00.00, -84 13 0.00

Latitude north is positive, south is negative.
Longitude east is positive, west is negative.

Alternatively you can specify N or S, E or W at the start or end of the co-ordinate.

39° 54′ 00.00″N, 84° 13′ 0.00″W
39 54 00.00N, 84 13 0.00W

N39° 54′ 00.00″,  W84° 13′ 0.00″
N39 54 00.00,  W84 13 0.00

Degrees and decimal

39.908333, -84.225000
39.908333N, 84.225000W
N39.908333, W84.225000

Degrees Minutes and decimal

39° 54.5′ ,  -84° 13.5′
39 54.5,  -84 13.5

39° 54.5’N ,  84° 13.5’W
39 54.5N ,  84 13.5W

N39° 54.5′ ,  W84° 13.5′
N39 54.5,  W84 13.5

If you want to check your conversions there are several online facilities to do this such as

Nick B.
31st August 2008

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