Monthly Archives: December 2009


CCNA Lab I’ve been slowly progressing through CCNA for a while now, proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. ICND1 was mainly basic theory and an introduction to Cisco IOS command line – I surprised myself by passing 604-822 at the first attempt.

Here is my lab – a selection of switches and routers. These should allow me to do all the simulations I need for ICND part 2 and maybe beyond…

I’ve learned and implemented some new (to me) concepts from this, although practical applications have not been with Cisco equipment, I’d prefer to call them vendor neutral so far. The most interesting project was converting  a FreeBSD ntp server that used multiple network cards.  I updated this to use 802.1Q tagged vlans using an Allied Telesyn switch.

I’ve even discovered that you can do RIP and OSPF routing in Windows :0