Monthly Archives: December 2010

No Console

Everything was going well with my remote console session R2002 until I decided to clear the configs…

erase startup-config

Then nothing. So I go and visit the site (OK, climb the stairs and turn left) and do a physical check. Power lights look OK. Then I spotted it – I’d plugged the console cable into the AUX socket. Port is never enabled because the router is sitting there at the

Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/no]:

prompt, which means the AUX line is not yet enabled. Of course there’s a security issue here as I should have shutdown the AUX port in the first place!

Plug moved one socket to the left (HINT – SKY BLUE). Normal operation restored, now I can get on with the task of configuring it to be a frame-relay switch.

RIP Quirks

As I understood it…

The default for RIP when it is enabled is to send version 1 and receive both versions 1 and 2. Then I got a practice question with a #debug ip rip output with the following line:

1d12h: RIP: ignored v2 packet from (illegal version)

RIP practice question

Completely threw me, so I went back to my lab and discovered that you can also
configure RIP for version 1 only so it will reject V2 packets –

(config-router)#version 1 – Sure enough the output of #show ip protocols confirmed
this! Continue reading