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I’ve finally reached a working solution for SDM with the aid of the brilliant multi-platform VirtualBox. I can run this set-up on OSX Snow Leopard or XP/Vista.

I used a Windows 2000 Professional VM that I had available and I’ve set it up to meet the SDM requirements.

  • Internet Explorer 6 SP1 as w2K ships with IE5.
  • Java JRE 1.6.0_03 – This can be found in the Oracle Java Archives.
  • Disable Java Updates in the Java settings in Windows Control Panel.
  • Set the Java User Runtime parameter to -Xmx256m in Java Runtime Environment Settings, otherwise you’ll get an error message from SDM when you try and access the IPS menu item.
  • Install SDM 2.5.

Please understand that W2K is no longer supported by MS so this should only be used for SDM in a controlled environment. Continue reading

Security Device Mangler

SDM 2.5I originally rubbed shoulders with Cisco’s Router and Security Device Manager, known to most people as SDM, during my ICND1 studies. Whilst it seemed to work well enough to do NAT and other basic router tasks, I was never satisfied it was working properly for me. As I have now decided to progress with the CCNA Security studies, I find that SDM is central to these and now I have managed get it working 100%! Continue reading

Poor Man's Spanning Tree

Click for full-sizeLate on in my CCNA studies, I came across the Network Bridge facility in Windows XP. This creates a bridge that supports IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to investigateĀ  and see how it interacted with the spanning-tree on my Catalyst switches. If you’re stuck with only one switch but have a PC with two ethernet NICs then you can do some spanning tree checks. Continue reading

CCNA Complete!

On an extremely cold January 5th, I made my first attempt at the 604-816 ICND2 exam at Edison Community College, Piqua, Ohio.

I managed to astound myself by passing with a score of (!!!). That’s CCNA completed, now I have to decide which cert to do next.