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FreeBSD 802.1Q Vlans

It’s possible to implement 802.1Q VLAN tagging with FreeBSD (as long as the hardware supports it). The documentation is rather sparse on this. All the intricate details are hidden in the man pages for vlan(4) and rc.conf(5).
Possible application for this are:

  • A Router-On-A-STick – for inter-VLAN routing via a switch’s trunk port.
  • Distribution of NTP to isolated subnets via a switch’s trunk port.

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Installing SDM On a Dynamips or GNS3 Router

I’ve seen several comments on the forums where folk have not been able to install SDM to the router memory. The IOS is usually a 12.4T series one. Here is a workaround which involves using a 12.4 or earlier IOS. In this case I used a 3725 with a 64MB flash card.
First attempt to install onto 12.4T with empty flash – reports

"Unable to eastablish connection with the router"

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