Monthly Archives: September 2013

WordPress on FreeBSD

Is great. I found a few catches though.

Installation and updates – I prefer to install this via FreeBSD’s ports system and portmaster. Once I have updated my ports tree It will build the installation and subsequent updates with # portmaster wordpress and take care of the dependencies (Apache web server, php scripting and MySQL database).  Despite the installation it still leaves you, the admin to configure Apache, php and MySQL prior to being able to run the web-based WordPress installation script. It might be a one-click install but there’s a bit of prep work required to get you to that point.

Plugins – WP expects you to have a ftp server so it can log in and install plugins. I did try this briefly and wasted far too much time trying to get Proftpd installed. Instead I just grab the plugin [zip|tar.gz|tar.bz2] archive and install it myself using sftp.

To be continued.


Gone IPv6

Finally got this blog moved across to a FreeBSD server that supports IPv6 and WordPress is updating again. I’ve imported all the previous posts so all that remains is for me to produce some new material!

Apologies for the lack of a proper security certificate if you’ve arrived at the SSL version, it’s on the list of things to be fixed!