Farewell O2 Broadband

After over five years on O2 Broadband it’s time to move on. O2 sold the broadband service  to Sky (not a company I wish to do business with) and there is also uncertainly about the static IP service.

Final week on O2BB

Just to give myself a benchmark for the new supplier – AAISP Home::1 – I’ve run a speedtest and taken the output stats from the Cisco 867VAE.

B#sh controller vdsl 0
Controller VDSL 0 is UP

Daemon Status:         NA 

            XTU-R (DS)        XTU-C (US)
Chip Vendor ID:        'BDCM'             'BDCM'
Chip Vendor Specific:   0x0000             0xA1E9
Chip Vendor Country:    0xB500             0xB500
Modem Vendor ID:    'CSCO'             'BDCM'
Modem Vendor Specific:  0x4602             0xA1E9
Modem Vendor Country:   0xB500             0xB500
Serial Number Near:    GMKxxxxxxx 867VAE-K 15.1(4)M  
Serial Number Far:     
Modem Version Near:    15.1(4)M
Modem Version Far:     0xA1E9

Modem Status:         TC Sync (Showtime!) 
DSL Config Mode:     ADSL2+ 
Trained Mode:         G.992.5 (ADSL2+) Annex A 
TC Mode:         ATM 
Selftest Result:     0x00 
DELT configuration:     disabled 
DELT state:         not running 
Trellis:         ON              ON
Line Attenuation:     45.5 dB         28.1 dB
Signal Attenuation:     44.1 dB         26.8 dB
Noise Margin:          6.4 dB          6.7 dB
Attainable Rate:    8652 kbits/s         1326 kbits/s
Actual Power:         19.3 dBm         10.1 dBm
Total FECS:        252098588             0
Total ES:        3174             17721
Total SES:        29             9
Total LOSS:        0             0
Total UAS:        47             47
Total LPRS:        0             0
Total LOFS:        0             0
Total LOLS:        0             0
Bit swap:        1931626             10173

Full inits:        1
Failed full inits:    1
Short inits:        1
Failed short inits:    0

Firmware    Source        File Name (version)
--------    ------        -------------------
VDSL        user config    flash:vae_dsl_phy_A35d_B35d.bin (0)

Modem FW  Version:    23i
Modem PHY Version:    A2pv6C035d.d23i

           DS Channel1      DS Channel0    US Channel1      US Channel0
Speed (kbps):              0            7468             0            1256
Previous Speed:              0               0             0               0
Total Cells:              0      2025960610             0      3426136113
User Cells:              0      1479991572             0      1277129975
Reed-Solomon EC:          0       252098588             0               0
CRC Errors:              0            9346             0               0
Header Errors:              0           39816             0           15091
Interleave (ms):       0.00            7.97          0.00            0.24
Actual INP:           0.00            2.05          0.00            0.00

Training Log :    Stopped
Training Log Filename :    flash:vdsllog.bin

AAISP are sending me a new Technicolor 582n router. I’ll start with this initially as the IOS on my Cisco router apparently doesn’t support the ppp negotiation for IPv6. Fortunately I have a Cisco 877 as a backup, although these are known for problems on BT ADSL2 lines. I’m quite confident the 877 will negotiate IPv6  as I’ve tested the same IOS on pair of 878 G.SHDSL routers running back-to-back.

The connection will be using TalkTalk wholesale as the carrier. The migration charge using them was £1 as opposed to £50 for moving to a BT Wholesale connection.

I’ll update after Thursday when it goes live!

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