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Hello A&A Home:1

Up & running on AAISP internet today. I’m currently using the suplied Technicolor TG582n router and I have native IPv6 as well as a static IPv4.

A&A Speed Test

My connection is using a TalkTalk back-haul and I’ve been able to set my own line profile via the control pages at AAISP. They had initially set it for a 12dB s/n ratio but I’ve dropped it to 6dB and it looks good so far.

I’ve also done a check over at, again, acceptable results. results

Some more work configuring another router when the time permits, but for now a perfectly acceptable service from AAISP.


Cisco 867VAE

Probably the best ADSL router I have had to date. Slightly more expensive than a DG834v4 but infinitely more versatile.
This one has the Broadcom chipset which blows  away the one in the 877.
I’m also running two ipv6 tunnels, one to SixXs and one to Hurricane Electric.
The only feature I found lacking was IGPs – It doesn’t support OSPF or Cisco’s proprietary EIGRP. OK it does have good ol’ RIP v1 and v2.

NickB uptime is 9 weeks, 5 days, 15 hours, 5 minutes

Stays up for a while… Good stable ADSL2+ Annexe A and Annexe M performance.

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NetBSD rc.d scripts

Unlike FreeBSD, NetBSD pkgsrc does not install any rc.d startup scripts by default unless you add


into mk.conf(5). It does however copy them to


allowing you to manually copy them across.

Now I’ll get on with updating the IPv6 router project. I’m just installing WIDE-DHCP6 for stateless auto-configuration which should hand out IPv6 DHCP configuration to the clients.