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Gone IPv6

Finally got this blog moved across to a FreeBSD server that supports IPv6 and WordPress is updating again. I’ve imported all the previous posts so all that remains is for me to produce some new material!

Apologies for the lack of a proper security certificate if you’ve arrived at the SSL version, it’s on the list of things to be fixed!

Let's Hit The Ground Running…


After yesterday’s installation and testing of the WordPress engine I can now start adding content to the site. I’ve chosen a suitable theme, Silverlight, however the sidebar doesn’t quite work as expected (I can figure that out as I go).

There is lots of clever Web2.0 stuff out there to filter in and out content from elsewhere. Mashup is the key word. Yahoo! Pipes is one such gadget that I have implemented to take RSS feeds from sites I post on such as Flickr, StumbleUpon and

Making sense yet? No? Go Google web2.0 then.

I’ll even add some original content when I’m feeling creative enough.