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Retrieve your Geocities content with WGET


Back in the early days of the web, long before Web2.0® there was Geocities free web hosting. You had to write everything the hard way in html and you only got a few megabytes of storage. It’s limped along since being acquired by Yahoo! but now they are finally closing it. A great pity as peoples’ early web masterpieces will now vanish. Despite the space limitation, you could have multiple accounts per Yahoo ID by registering each of the different international accounts (uk, ca, fr, as, au…).

Even worse, they removed ftp access so it’s a pain in the ass to get your old material off there (unless you have a backup)!

Good news is that you can retrieve all your old sites with WGET.

I’m using the wget option but you need to limit the rate otherwise the site will give you “Error 503 – over capacity”.

wget --limit-rate=5k -m -w 2 http://uk.geocities.com/yoursitenamehere

is working for me.
-m = mirror site
-w 2 = wait 2 seconds between each get
–limit-rate=5k = limit bandwidth to 5k

Good luck!